Thursday, March 7, 2013

Funny kid pictures

The world of a young child is full of new things, new people to meet, new games to play, words to understand, concepts to master, and so forth. Driven by attention, kids especially infants plus toddlers seek to explore the world. They will touch, taste, ascend over, watch, listen, replicate, and learn more than at any some other time in life span. They seem to learn and play restlessly even in their sleep.

The following are some funny pictures associated with lovely kids.

Covering a law with an umbrella

Playing in the toilet

Standing in a cabinet to play games

Painting the floor

How to relieve myself?

Bird watching

Driving a car

Eating ice cream

A nightmare


performing while listening to music

Threatening the toy

Kicking the ball

Imitating like a sumo wrestler


Watch movie

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